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Frequently Asked Questions

What is primitive camping?

Primitive camping means to be completely independent and self-reliant. It is commonly referred to as backcountry camping, off grid camping, tent camping, hike-in camping and other titles. Primitive camping means to forgo amenities such as electricity, bathrooms and drinking water. Belle and Beau Acres offers Organized Primitive Camping which is slightly less wild with groomed campsites, custom firepits, maintained trails, and nearby comforts - all in a superbly convenient location for tourism.

How can I contact you?

In order to streamline the booking process, use time wisely, and keep operating costs low, Christine (your primary host) prefers guests to use Hipcamp messenger for all communication and reservations. You will need to create a free Hipcamp account if you do not have one. Use this handy signup link and receive credit toward your first trip! Hipcamp New Signup - Earn $10

Showing up without a reservation is highly discouraged due to limited availability. Please refer to the booking process on Hipcamp for the most accurate and up to date campsite availability.

What if I don't like the weather forecast?

We do not honor reservation changes or refunds due to weather. However, when weather is particularly dangerous such as during tornado season or flash flooding, we will work with our guests to reschedule their reservations to a later date. Dangerous weather is determined by our local weather alert system, not to be confused with standard thunder storms. If the guest cannot reschedule the reservation, we will honor our 50% refund policy regardless of the time frame.

What happens if I get stuck in the mud?

Unfortunately, if you have misjudged your vehicle or ability to navigate off-road driving, we do not have a 4wd vehicle, nor a tractor to assist you. It will be your responsibility to secure a professional towing company to help you rectify the situation. We are available to recommend local towing companies. Please contact us immediately to assist you to the best of our ability and to help reduce further damage to the property during this time.

Can I cancel my camping trip and receive a refund?

Our super-strict level means, if you cancel at least 1 week before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a 50% refund (minus Hipcamp fees). If you cancel within 1 week before check in, there will be no refund. It doesn't matter if you cancel within 30 minutes or 30 days because we start working for you as soon as the reservation is confirmed. We do not reschedule reservations, nor provide credit towards future reservations. Guests are required to officially cancel their reservation through Hipcamp, following these steps:  Login to Hipcamp account, select Trips, select trip details, and select cancel booking.

Do you allow dogs?

Yes! We think all dogs deserve to live their best life. We welcome well-behaved dogs to camp with their owners for FREE! You won't find any extra charges, or special reservation requirements here when it comes to our loveable pooches. Our campsites make an ideal situation for camping with your dog(s) because each site is spaced far apart from each other. The only thing we ask is that owners plan accordingly for a wild, natural environment - leashes recommended and all pet litter removed before check-out.

What should I pack for my camping trip?

Other than the standard primitive camping gear, a portable toilet, and drinking water, we highly recommend good hiking shoes and water shoes (not flipflops), grilling utensils for cooking over the fire, and a hammock. You may also want to pack a portable shower system to use at our comfort station.

What about bugs, poisonous plants, and wildlife?

Mosquitos, no-see-ums, chiggers, and ticks are around but not usually too much of a nuisance. We notice mosquitos and no-see-ums mostly around the "witching hour" before sunset. Be mindful when exploring the property for poisonous plants and venomous wildlife. We provide every guest with informational websites to help identify these natural risks. Chiggers and ticks wait for prey in tall grasses and shrubs. If you suspect you have chigger bites or came in contact with poisonous plants, immediately wash with soap and water.

Can I use the property for something other than camping?

Reserving special use of the entire campground is permitted with a formal agreement. Production, special event (no matter how small), or profit related purposes is prohibited without a formal agreement. The hosts will assist in coordinating deliveries (portable toilets, tents, extra vehicle arrivals, etc) to help your event go as smoothly as possible. Please contact them via the reservation page to start the conversation or arrange a private showing for event planning purposes. If a group is found to be engaged in a party, the group could be required to leave the property without warning, with a cleaning fee of no less than $100 imposed on the reservation holder.

Do you allow mid to long term guests?

Sorry, we do not allow mid, nor long term stays at Belle and Beau Acres. We live on the property and enjoy our private time when not hosting short-stay camping guests.

I live locally, can I drive my off-road motorized vehicles through the rivers on the property?

We understand that off-road driving is a fun and coveted experience for all ages. The host grew up participating in similar activities in central Maine. However, Belle and Beau Acres is a peaceful and restorative experience. In order to preserve the natural landscape and protect existing wildlife (aquatic and land), motorized vehicles are not permitted to drive in the rivers or on-site at Belle and Beau Acres. This includes the ground beneath Mine Lick Creek and Maxwell Branch waterways. Please take care and consideration, because if you live in Putnam County and drink municipality water, you are drinking water that flows from Mine Lick Creek.

How do I become a Hipcamp host?

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