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Belle and Beau Acres Homestead


Belle and Beau Acres is the Klein family homestead located in middle Tennessee on the Eastern Highland Rim. The Highland Rim is a cuesta surrounding the Central Basin, largely known for the city of Nashville. About 70 miles East of Nashville, this part of the region is rich in perennial water (continuous flow), waterfalls, and natural springs.


The Klein family loves living in Baxter, Tennessee for the beautiful weather, immersive nature, night skies full of stars, and a slower pace of life. Christine and David are committed to sustainable living while they develop their family homestead. They've used considerable care while preparing their property to host camping guests. Their goal is to preserve the natural environment as responsible stewards of the land, while providing opportunities to respectfully enjoy remote forest areas which were formerly inaccessible.


Hipcamp is the partner organization that handles the reservation side of the campground, and Christine is the primary campground host. She grew up in Maine with a father who was an avid experienced outdoorsman, learning to navigate the wilderness from a young age. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the outdoors is one way she honors her father's memory.


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